About Us

We support you!Teacher_Boy

At the core of all learning is a trusting and loving relationship.

We support you in having more time to observe, know, and be with your children. Our team of early childhood experts will show you how to teach with proven, hands-on learning methods with concise and easy to follow lesson plans. Beautifully designed, age-appropriate, and theme-related materials are fully prepped and packaged in clearly marked day bags. Our goal is to be your teacher assistant. We work to save you planning and prep time, so that you can focus on building relationships with your children and nurturing their love of learning.

Over 120 Activity and MaterialsOpenBox

Every month, you receive a comprehensive curriculum kit with intentionally designed materials for you to share with your children. Make art, read books, sing songs, play games and investigate curiosities.

Your Child Learn Skills Naturally

While your children play and participate in the activities, they will naturally gain important skills such as phonological awareness, letter recognition, vocabulary, listening, number sense, shapes, patterns, sorting, reasoning, as well as build social-emotional skills that will contribute to growing positive relationships, help them increase attention span and self-regulation.

Research-based and Aligned to State Standards, NAEYC Modelguidelines and Head Start Indicators

Home Preschool Program and Mother Goose Time have teamed up to offer you a fully research-based program that is rooted in over 35 years of curriculum development experience. Whether you are a licensed family childcare, childcare center, nanny or homeschool, your investment in a professionally designed curriculum will yield great rewards as you observe your children grow both developmentally and in their love and excitement for learning.